Solar explosion (by ikhals)

It really breaks my heart to hear your voice when you cry. It even breaks my heart knowing that I am the reason of your tears. Im sorry. I love you so much.

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Di ko naman talaga kayang magalit sayo kung alam mo lang. Kung alam mo lang talaga

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Siraulo hindi mo ko rereplyan ng ilang oras tapos ngayon sasabihin mo  miss you I need you ganon? Unfair mo naman e gusto ko lang naman makausap ka kahit konting oras lang kahit putol putol pa. Kung may ginagawa ka edi sana sinabi mo. Para alam ko. Wala ang daya mo e. Gusto ko lang naman talaga makausap ka alam mo ba yon ha? Alam mo ba yon? Syempre hindi. 

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Are you okay?

How was your day?

Text me when you get home so I know your’re safe

I hope you’re doing okay

Im missing you right now

How are you?

Do takecare of yourself.

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I type and delete

because I don’t know

where to start

All I know is

im inlove with you

I love you, I love you

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I wish I could hug you right now.

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“Holding hands with someone and feeling their thumb rub against your skin.”