“Holding hands with someone and feeling their thumb rub against your skin.”
“Sa gitna sobrang daming tao. Ikaw lang lagi kong hinahanap.”
Bat kita iiwan?
“You said “you know that i love you will you marry me?” I told you “don’t fall inlove there’s just too much to lose.” And then you said “But I did. How was that?” I told you “I’ll take care of you” and then you told me ” Oh no! I love you so much. Why you make me feel so important? Please do take care of me because I need you.” And then I told you “and I need you too.” but you said ” Im just a piece of junk in earth. And how come that you need me?” and then I told you “Because you are my anti-depressant, my caffeine in my coffee, my stars at night, my clouds in day I need you because you are my happiness” and then you told me you cried”
12:04 after the call

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Sunset over Germany :) (by :: ed 37 ::)| Heiligenstadt, Germany




You don’t even know how special you are to me and I cannot explain it and maybe that’s why they were right about words not being enough.

“I am happy. I’m happy with you, like this. It’s my way of being happy.”
Blue is the Warmest Color (via buhaybabae)